• Product:Chloromethyltrimethylsilane
  • CAS No.:2344-80-1

Content min.

Formula C4H11ClSi

Molecular weight 122.67

Silane CMM3 (99%+ by FANDACHEM)
Chloromethyltrimethylsilane 99%+ FANDACHEM
Chloromethyltrimethylsilane, 99+%
Silane, (Chloromethyl)Trimethyl-99%, FandaChem
Chlormethyl-trimethyl-silane99%, FandaChem
Chloro(Trimethylsilyl)Methane99%, FandaChem
Chloromethyltrimethylsilane, 99+%
(Chloromethyl)Trimethylsilane, 99%, FandaChem
Chloromethyltrimethylsilane, 99%, FandaChem
(Trimethylsilyl)Methyl Chloride
Chlorine Methyl Trimethyl Silane
Physical State (20 deg.C):colorless liquid
Boiling point:97-98 °C
Flash point: - 2°C(28 °f)
Refractive index:1.4180
Soluble in water:0.4g/l at 20°C
Vapor Pressure:~25 mmHg ( 20 Deg C)

Application and introduction
 (Chloromethyl)trimethylsilane is used for Wittig reaction and building blocks.
Chloromethyltrimethylsilane can be converted into corresponding lithium compounds with SEC butyl lithium. The resultant is easy to react with aldehydes and 

ketones to produce a, b-epoxy trimethylsilane, which is an important intermediate for the preparation of many functional compounds. If reacted with formic 

acid, formate of enol with high yield can be prepared. Chloromethyl trimethylsilane is also a reagent for preparing trimethylsilyl methyl isonitrile

Transportation  and Storage information
HazMat info:UN1993  Class: 3  Packing Group: II 
Storage:Room temperature
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