Derives of Chlorantraniliprole coragen KK

  • Product:Derives of Chlorantraniliprole coragen KK
  • CAS No.:C19H15BrCl3N5O2
Due to resistance of Chlorantraniliprole in the world,we research a solution to solve this problem,then the new insecticide was born,
it's the next step of  Chlorantraniliprole,we call it  double Chlorantraniliprole,or the  two generation of hallogen,it's a new chemical,
so it have no patented's different of chlorantraniliprole.

It is Derives from Chlorantraniliprole (coragen),double Chlorantraniliprole,derives of KK, derives of coragen, derives of Chlorantraniliprole, Chlorantraniliprole derives, better effect than chlorantraniliprole (cas no.:500008-45-7)
But it has no patent problem !!!!

Molecular Formula: C19H15BrCl3N5O2

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