Dodecyl dipropylene triamine

  • Product:Dodecyl dipropylene triamine
  • CAS No.:2372-82-9
Specifications of Triamine 98%:
Appearance (25℃):           Light yellow liquid
Color, Gardner:                  ≤2
Water:                                ≤1.5%
Total Amine (mg HCL/g):   341-365
Active content:                   98%min

Specifications of Triamine 30%:
Appearance (25℃):           Colorless to yellowish clear liquid
Color, Gardner:                  ≤1
Water:                                69-71%
Total Amine (mg HCL/g):   100-110

DPTA Y12D-30
Triamine Y12D
Triamine Y12D-30

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