Hydrogen Cyanamide 50% SL, Dormex 520g/L, L500

  • Product:Hydrogen Cyanamide 50% SL, Dormex 520g/L, L500
  • CAS No.:420-04-2
  • Use:Bud breaking chemical
单氰胺 (氨基氰);Cianamida;Cyanamid;cyanamide hydrogene;Hydrogen cyanamide;SKW 83010;Dormex 520g/L;hidrojen Cyanamid %49;Cianamida de Hidrógeno;cianamida hidrogenada; hidrogén-ciánamid 520g/L;cyanamida;cianamida, cianamida hidrogenada;hydrogen cyanamide 50%;Hidrojen siyanamid 50% sl;Cianamida Hidrogenada %50;Dormex 520g/L,L500;Hydrogen Cyanamide 50%;Fermex(Fertiagro),Alzodef(Evonik); cianamide, cianamida,Breaker(New Zealand) (Nufarm Ltd);Dormex(Alzchem, Arysta LifeScience EAME);Hi-Cane(New Zealand) (Nufarm Ltd).
Purity:  50%, 30%
Package:  5L; 10L; 20L; 200L drum
Technical Index of Hydrogen Cyanamide 50% 
Appearance:                       Colorless, transparent or light yellow liquid
Purity of Cyanamide:        ≥50%
Dicyandiamide:                 ≤2%
PH:                                        4-6
Stabilizer:                              ≤2%

Plant growth regulator
Dormancy breaking chemical

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