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best bulk sulfuric acid suppliers

When it comes to sourcing bulk sulfuric acid, finding a reliable supplier is crucial for many industries. Fandachem, a leading chemical company, stands out as one of the best suppliers in the market.

What sets Fandachem apart from other suppliers?

Fandachem prides itself on its high-quality sulfuric acid, with a purity level of over 98%. This ensures that customers receive a product that meets their stringent requirements for various applications.

  • Product namesulfuric acid
  • CAS Number2173116-22-6
  • Molecular FormulaC5H7N3O6S
  • Formula Weight237.19
  • Synonyms6-Aminopyrimidine-4-carboxylic hemisulfuric acid salt
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  • Keywordsbuy cas 2173116-22-6 sulfuric acid manufacturer China,purchase price cost order,supplier distributor

best bulk sulfuric acid suppliers

Why choose Fandachem as your sulfuric acid supplier?

With Fandachem, customers can expect competitive pricing without compromising on quality. The company also offers flexible packaging options to meet the diverse needs of different industries.

What industries benefit from Fandachem's sulfuric acid?

Fandachem caters to a wide range of industries, including agriculture, mining, water treatment, and chemical manufacturing. Their sulfuric acid is used in processes such as metal cleaning, fertilizer production, and pH regulation.

How does Fandachem ensure product quality and safety?

Fandachem follows strict quality control measures to guarantee the purity and safety of their sulfuric acid. The company complies with industry standards and regulations to provide customers with a reliable and consistent product.

When it comes to sourcing bulk sulfuric acid, Fandachem emerges as a top choice for businesses looking for a trusted supplier. With their commitment to quality, competitive pricing, and industry expertise, Fandachem sets the standard for sulfuric acid suppliers in the market.

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