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Custom Synthesis

FandaChem is also dedicated to provide Custom Synthesis and Contract Research services to industrial and lab grade requirements based on a short or long-term basis.

No mattter the degree of complexity. You can provide us the procedure for the synthesis of the target compound or we will conduct literature research and pertinent synthetic methods.

As a know-how company, our professional staffs are expert at the technologies like purification by reaction, ammoniation, heterogeneous catalyzed reaction, chiral compound separation, synthesis of fatty thioalcohol, and synthesizing heterocycle containing S, O or N.

Small-scale trial manufacturing and Large-scale manufacturing (from 1kg to 10 Tons facility kg quantities can be produced.

In our production facility kg quantities can be produced. All custom synthesis requests will be handled a.s.a.p. Of course the response time depends on the availability of a synthesis procedure (your own or ex literature). If a synthesis procedure is not available, a charge for laboratory tests can be agreed. Eventually a secrecy agreement can be signed.

Please send us your required chemical name or CAS No. or Chemical Structure and we will reply you in 24 hours. 

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