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Fandachem Butyltin chloride dihydroxide cas 13355-96-9

Fandachem export Butyltin chloride dihydroxide cas 13355-96-9 Butylchlorodihydroxytin Butyldihydroxychlorostannane Butylchlorostannanediol manufacturer buy price purchase for sale

  • Product nameFandachem Butyltin chloride dihydroxide
  • INCI or IUPAC NameMonobutyltin dihydroxychloride
  • CAS Number13355-96-9
  • Molecular FormulaC4H11ClO2Sn
  • Formula Weight245.29
  • SynonymsTIB KAT 250; FASCAT 4101; Butyltin CAT; Monobutyltin dihydroxychloride; Butyltin chloride dihydroxide; Viacat 4101; Butylchlorodihdroxytin; Butyldihydroxychlorostannane; Butylchlorostannanediol; Butylchlorotindihydroxide; 氯代单丁基锡酸;EINECS No.:236-406-1;
  • AppearanceWhite powder
  • Assay47-49% Sn content
  • Package25kg
  • Useused as chemical Auxiliary Agent; catalyst; a. used in saturated polyester resin; b. used in unsaturated polyester resin; used in transesterification (under temperature of 140-180℃); used in production of PBT.
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    Packaging Details:25kg/drum

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