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Photoinitiator 2959 cas 106797-53-9

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  • Product namePhotoinitiator 2959 (IRGACURE 2959)
  • INCI or IUPAC Name2-Hydroxy-4'-(2-hydroxyethoxy)-2-methylpropiophenone
  • CAS Number106797-53-9
  • Molecular FormulaC12H16O4
  • Formula Weight224.25
  • SynonymsIRGACURE 2959 ;Omnirad 659; Darocur 2959; Speedcure 2959; cas 106797-53-9; 2-Hydroxy-4'-(2-hydroxyethoxy)-2-methylpropiophenone; Omnirad 659; Darocur 2959 ;; IRGACURE 2959; Photoinitiator 2959; Darocur2959; Speedcure 2959 ; UV Photoinitiator 659;
  • Appearancepowder
  • Assay99.5%
  • Package20kg carton
  • UseUV curable coatings and inks
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  • References

    Photoinitiator 2959 is a high-efficiency non-yellowing UV photoinitiator, used to initiate UV polymerization of unsaturated prepolymerization systems, especially suitable for low-odor, water-based acrylate and unsaturated polyester resins. The active hydroxyl group in the photoinitiator 2959 molecule can make it easy to react with unsaturated resin. Suitable for Chemicalbook in conventional UV systems, because the hydroxyl functional group in its molecule improves the solubility of photoinitiator 2959 in water-based paint formulations, so it is suitable for water-based UV formulations. Photoinitiator 2959 is the only FDA certification system that allows available photoinitiators, low odor, low volatility, low yellowing, and can be used in adhesives that are not in direct contact with food.

    Photoinitiator 2959 has been tested for use in UV-curable formulations for wood, metal, plastic and paper surfaces. The hydroxyl functional group in the molecule increases the solubility of Photoinitiator 2959 in waterborne coating formulations. Photoinitiator 2959 has lower volatility and odor than Photoinitiator 1173. Importantly, the active hydroxyl groups of photoinitiator 2959 can be easily grafted onto polymer molecules, making its processing more convenient. Due to its unique properties, Photoinitiator 2959 is especially recommended for UV formulations that require high temperature and air flow to evaporate moisture before curing. Recommended dosage: 2–5%

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