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Cetyl Phosphate (AMPHISOL A) cas 3539-43-3

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Product name:Cetyl Phosphate (AMPHISOL A)

INCI or IUPAC Name:Cetyl Phosphate

CAS Number:3539-43-3

Molecular Formula:C16H35O4P

Formula Weight:322.42

Synonyms:AMPHISOLA; AMPHISOL A; Cetyl Phosphate; cetylphosphate; hexadecylphosphate; hexadecyl phosphate; cethylphosphoricester; cethyl phosphoric ester; MONO-N-HEXADECYLPHOSPHATE; cetyldihydrogenphosphate; cetyl dihydrogen phosphate; Hexadecyldihydrogenphosphat; Hexadecyl dihydrogen phosphat; PHOSPHORICMONOHEXADECYLESTER; hexadecyldihydrogenphosphate; hexadecyl dihydrogen phosphate; PHOSPHORIC MONO HEXADECYL ESTER; 鲸蜡基磷酸-鲸蜡基磷酸二乙醇胺; 十六烷基磷酸; 鲸蜡醇磷酸酯; 十六烷醇磷酸酯; 十六烷基磷酸(十六烷醇磷酸酯); 鲸蜡基磷酸-鲸蜡基磷酸二乙醇胺;





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