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emeramide buy online from Fandachem osr ea grade for mercury detox

emeramide buy online from Fandachem osr ea grade for mercury detox NBMI emeramide for sale emeramide price 350usd$/20g osr#1 for sale nbmi buy osr supplement buy



1. Fandachem  osr ea grade (Emeramide ea grade) is best quality in the world.

2. package: 5grams; 20grams

3. emeramide price 20g 350usd$ (17.5usd¥/gram)

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5. Daily emeramide dosage 3-4mg/kg for adult suggested.


1)   Product name emeramide (OSR ea grade; nbmi chelator, BDTH2)
2)   INCI or IUPAC Name N1,N3-bis(2-sulfaniletil)benceno-1,3-dicarboxamida
3)   CAS Number: 351994-94-0
4)   Molecular Formula: C₁₂H₁₆N₂O₂S₂
5)   Formula Weight: 284.39
6) Chemical Structure:
7)   Synonyms: emeramide buy online from Fandachem osr ea grade for mercury detox;nbmi         mercury detox,bdth2 buy,buy nbmi,nbmi ea grade,buy emeramide,mercury chelation with OSR ea grade Emeramide, NBMI, safely removing mercury from your body with emeramide  osr ea grade nbmi,FandaChem NBMI mercury detox,N1,N3-Bis(2-sulfanylethyl)benzol-1,3-dicarboxamid; N1,N3-Bis(2-sulfaniletil)benzeno-1,3-dicarboxamida; fandachem osr/emeramide for sale,emeramide ea grade,emeramide buy online usa,emeramide buy online uk,osr#1 for sale,fandachem emeramide price 350usd$/20g,N1,N3-bis(2-sulfanylethyl)benzene-1,3-dicarboxamide;emeramide buy online from Fandachem osr ea grade NBMI
8)  Appearance:  powder
9)  Assay: 99%+
10) Package: 5g; 20g
11) Use: OSR ea grade (emeraimide, NBMI) is chelating agent for Mercury, detox mercury from body, brain,Mercury chelator for treatment of Mercury poisoning
12) References:  1). Fandachem osr/Emeramide
www.linkedin.com/pulse/emeramide-nbmi-osr-bdth2-un-quelante-de-mercurio-y-felicia-xuan/2).Is it safe to use emeramide to detox heavy metals?

3). Fandachem emeramide (NBMI; OSR#1; BDTH2)

https://www.chemfarms.com/Emeramide 5 mg $22.00; 10 mg $35.00

5). Emeramide,  MedKoo CAT#: 319633,  CAS#: 351994-94-0

6). Emeramide 95% (BDTH2) - CAS 351994-94-0

7). Emeramide: Emeramide is an exceptionally safe antidote for heavy metal poisoning and also a powerful antioxidant. It is currently going through the European Medical Agency (EMA) and the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) drug approval process.

8). Emeramide 98%  cas 351994-94-0
Supplier:Cayman Chemical
Size: 500 mg,  Price: 500 mg / EUR€149.5

9). Formal Name: N1,N3-bis(2-mercaptoethyl)-1,3-benzenedicarboxamide
CAS Number: 351994-94-0,  Synonyms: BDTH2; NBMI

10).  Emeramide, Catalog NO.: B0001-470917 CAS NO.: 351994-94-0 Brand: BOC Sciences
Size Price Stock Quantity, 5 g $298 In stock; 10 g $523 In stock

Emeramide (BDTH2) (Synonyms: BDTH2, NBMI), Catalog No.GC31671
Emeramide (BDTH2) is a thiol-redox antioxidant and heavy metal chelator.
Size Price Stock Qty
10mM (in 1mL DMSO): $50.00; 100mg: $46.00; 500mg: $101.00
Tel:(909) 407-4943 Email: sales@glpbio.com

12). Emeramide (BDTH2),  Catalog No.: A15962
Emeramide is a mercury and heavy metal chelator.  Emeramide (BDTH2) 100mg : $60.00

13). Emeramide. Emeramide is a novel lipid-soluble, thiol-redox antioxidant and heavy metal chelator.Cat# Size Price Qty Buy, CS-8157-100mg 100mg £60.00; CS-8157-500mg 500mg £132.00

14). Emeramide (Synonyms: NBMI; BDTH2), Cat. No.: HY-16739 Purity: 99.56%
Emeramide Chemical Structure, CAS No. : 351994-94-0, Size Price Stock Quantity
100 mg USD 40 In-stock; 500 mg USD 95 In-stock; 1 g USD 155 In-stock

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