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Hydrogen Cyanamide 50% SL breaks Bud Dormancy

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  • Product nameHydrogen Cyanamide 50% SL
  • INCI or IUPAC NameHydrogen Cyanamide
  • CAS Number420-04-2
  • Molecular FormulaCH2N2
  • Formula Weight42.04
  • SynonymsDormex 520g/L, L500;单氰胺 (氨基氰);Cianamida;Cyanamid;cyanamide hydrogene;Hydrogen cyanamide;SKW 83010;Dormex 520g/L;hidrojen Cyanamid %49;Cianamida de Hidrógeno;cianamida hidrogenada; hidrogén-ciánamid 520g/L;cyanamida;cianamida, cianamida hidrogenada;hydrogen cyanamide 50%;Hidrojen siyanamid 50% sl;Cianamida Hidrogenada %50;Dormex 520g/L,L500;Hydrogen Cyanamide 50%;Fermex(Fertiagro),Alzodef(Evonik); cianamide, cianamida,Breaker(New Zealand) (Nufarm Ltd);Dormex(Alzchem, Arysta LifeScience EAME);Hi-Cane(New Zealand) (Nufarm Ltd).
  • AppearanceBlue liquid
  • Assay50%; 30%
  • Package5kg; 20kg; 200kg; 1000kg
  • UseBud dormance breaking for grapes; Plant growth regulator Dormancy breaking chemical
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