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Oleyl Diamine Diacetate

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Product name:Oleyl Diamine Diacetate

INCI or IUPAC Name:N-Oleyl-1,3-Diamino Propane diacetate

CAS Number:7173-67-3

Molecular Formula:C25H52N2O4

Formula Weight:444.69138

Synonyms:oleyldiaminopropane acetate;oleyl diaminopropane acetate;(Z)-1-(十八碳-9-烯基铵基)丙烷-3-铵二乙酸酯;N-Oleyl-1.3-Diamino Propane diacetate; Duomac O; N-Oleyltrimethylenediamine diacetate; N-oleyl propane diamine diacetate; N-Oleyl-1.3-Diamino Propane diacetate; Oleyl Diamine Diacetate;




Use:used as oilfield biocide or corrossion inhibitor in oilfield

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