PEG-120 methyl glucose dioleate

  • Product:PEG-120 methyl glucose dioleate
  • CAS No.:86893-19-8
Buy PEG-120 methyl glucose dioleate from FandaChem, pls contact for COA, TDS, MSDS of PEG-120 methyl glucose dioleate, cas: 86893-19-8

Package: 25KG/drum

Use: It  is a kind of high-efficient thickener in shampoo, body wash, facial cleanser and baby cleanser

PEG-120 methyl glucose dioleate;   Glucamate DOE-120;   Antil 120 Plus;   PEG 120 Methyl Glucose Dioleate;   Diethoxylated methyl glucopyranoside 2,6-dioleate;Glucamate DOE 120;甲基葡萄糖二油酸酯;D-吡喃葡糖酐-2,6-双油酸酯与聚环氧乙烷(2:1)的醚化物ose dioleate; Ethoxylated methyl glucoside dioleate; Diethoxylated  methyl glucopyranoside 2,6-dioleate; Glucamate DOE 120, Antil 120 Plus,cas:86893-19-8

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