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Superfine Iron Powder

  • Product nameSuperfine Iron Powder
  • INCI or IUPAC NameNano Iron Powder
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     Product Features:
    Small particle size;
    Narrow particle size distribution;
    Good particle uniformity ;
    Large specific surface area

    Main uses:
    1. Widely used in matrix basic flour of diamond tools which effectively lower sintering temperature, improving the holding force of the matrix to diamond coating, lengthen service life of diamond tools.

    2. Large specific surface area, high activity, strong absorption capacity, thus it is widely used in water treatment and soil remediation, speeding up degradation rate of chloride and other toxic substances in sewage and soil.

    3. very low Apparent Density, high activity, thus it is widely applied to ceramic porous aeration, foam metal, and other porous filtration devices.

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