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The Best Ferulic Acid Suppliers

Ferulic acid, a potent antioxidant found in various plant sources, has become a sought-after ingredient in skincare, pharmaceuticals, and food industries. However, sourcing high-quality ferulic acid is crucial to ensure the efficacy and safety of products. Among the myriad of suppliers, Fandachem shines as a leading provider of premium-grade ferulic acid. In this article, we'll delve into the realm of ferulic acid suppliers, spotlighting Fandachem's exceptional offerings and why it's a top choice for businesses worldwide.

The Best Ferulic Acid Suppliers

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  • Product nameFerulic Acid
  • CAS Number1135-24-6
  • Molecular FormulaC10H10O4
  • Formula Weight194.18
  • Synonyms3-(4-hydroxy-3-methoxyphenyl)-2-Propenoic acid 4-Hydroxy-3-methoxycinnamic acid; AKOS BBS-00006472; 3-METHOXY-4-HYDROXYCINNAMIC ACID; 4-HYDROXY-3-METHOXYCINNAMIC ACID; OTAVA-BB BB7016261120; TIMTEC-BB SBB000326; RARECHEM BK HW 0087; 3-(4-HYDROXY-3-METHOXYPHENYL)ACRYLIC ACID
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Understanding the Importance of Quality Ferulic Acid:

Before diving into the specifics of ferulic acid suppliers, it's essential to grasp why quality matters. Ferulic acid's antioxidant properties make it a valuable ingredient in skincare formulations, where it helps combat free radical damage, reduce the signs of aging, and protect against UV radiation. In pharmaceuticals, ferulic acid exhibits potential benefits in areas such as cardiovascular health and neuroprotection. With such diverse applications, sourcing high-quality ferulic acid is paramount to ensure product effectiveness and safety.

Why Fandachem Stands Out:

Fandachem has emerged as a trusted name in the world of chemical manufacturing, known for its commitment to quality, reliability, and innovation. Here's why Fandachem is considered one of the best ferulic acid suppliers in the industry:

1. Stringent Quality Control:

Fandachem maintains stringent quality control measures throughout the production process, from sourcing raw materials to final product testing. Each batch of ferulic acid undergoes comprehensive quality assessments to ensure purity, potency, and adherence to regulatory standards.

2. State-of-the-Art Manufacturing Facilities:

Fandachem's manufacturing facilities are equipped with advanced technology and modern equipment, enabling efficient production processes and precise control over product quality. The company invests in research and development to continuously improve its manufacturing techniques and product offerings.

3. Wide Range of Grades and Specifications:

Fandachem offers a diverse range of ferulic acid grades and specifications to cater to various industry needs. Whether it's cosmetic formulations, pharmaceutical applications, or food additives, Fandachem provides customized solutions tailored to meet specific requirements.

4. Ethical Sourcing Practices:

Fandachem prioritizes ethical sourcing practices, ensuring that raw materials are obtained from reputable suppliers who adhere to sustainable and environmentally friendly practices. By promoting ethical sourcing, Fandachem contributes to the preservation of natural resources and biodiversity.

5. Responsive Customer Support:

Customer satisfaction is a top priority for Fandachem. The company's team of experienced professionals provides responsive and personalized customer support, addressing inquiries, assisting with product selection, and ensuring a seamless ordering process.


In the competitive landscape of ferulic acid suppliers, Fandachem stands out as a beacon of excellence, offering premium-grade products, stringent quality control, and exceptional customer support. However, businesses have a variety of options when it comes to sourcing ferulic acid, with other reputable suppliers like XYZ Chemicals, ABC Biotech, DEF Pharma, GHI Ingredients, and JKL Extracts also deserving recognition for their quality offerings. Whether you're in the skincare, pharmaceutical, or food industry, partnering with a reliable ferulic acid supplier is essential for achieving product excellence and customer satisfaction.

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