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The Leading Glycolic Acid Supplier

In the global chemicals market, glycolic acid is the chemical of choice across numerous industries due to its versatility and high efficiency. As an organic acid, glycolic acid is widely used in many fields such as cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, food and agriculture. To ensure your business receives high-quality glycolic acid, it is crucial to choose a reliable supplier. This article will introduce Fandachem, a brand with a great reputation in the supply of glycolic acid.

The Leading Glycolic Acid Supplier

  • CAS Number26257-13-6
  • Molecular FormulaC4H6CaO6
  • Synonyms2-hydroxyacetate; calcium 2-hydroxyacetate; calcium 2-hydroxyethanoate; Glycolic Acid Calcium Salt Hydroxyacetic Acid Calcium Salt; Glycolicacidcalciumsal
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1. Introduction to Fandachem

Fandachem is a leading chemical products supplier specializing in providing high quality glycolic acid and other related chemicals. With years of industry experience and expertise, Fandachem has become a trusted partner for customers around the world. Their products are not only of high quality, but also of stable supply, able to meet the needs of businesses of all sizes.


2. Application areas of glycolic acid

Glycolic acid is a potent chemical that has many uses. It can be used as an exfoliant to help remove dead skin cells, leaving skin smoother. In industry, glycolic acid is used as a cleaning agent and corrosion inhibitor. In addition, it can also be used as a food additive to adjust acidity and add flavor.

3. Why choose Fandachem as your glycolic acid supplier?

There are multiple reasons to choose Fandachem as your glycolic acid supplier:

  • Quality Assurance: Fandachem is committed to providing the highest standards of product quality, ensuring that every batch of glycolic acid meets strict quality control standards.
  • Customized services: They understand that the needs of different customers may vary and therefore provide customized solutions to meet specific business needs.
  • Global Distribution Network: No matter where you are, Fandachem's strong logistics and distribution network ensures that your orders are delivered on time.
  • Customer Service: Their professional team is ready to answer your questions and provide comprehensive technical support.

4. Fandachem’s glycolic acid product series

Fandachem offers a variety of glycolic acid products, including liquid glycolic acid, glycolate esters and glycolate salts. These products are suitable for different application scenarios, whether it is personal care products or industrial-grade applications.

5. How to buy Fandachem’s glycolic acid

The purchasing process is very simple. You can directly visit Fandachem's official website, view the product catalog, select the desired glycolic acid product, and order online. If you need assistance or would like to discuss a bulk order, their sales team will be happy to assist you.

Whether you are looking for high-quality glycolic acid for personal care products or need an industrial-grade glycolic acid solution, Fandachem is a trusted choice. Their expertise, high-quality products, and exceptional customer service have made Fandachem a premier glycolic acid supplier. Contact Fandachem today and let your business benefit from their products and services.

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